Common questions we come across are:


 "How do I enter?"

Simply go to 'Latest Comps' Then select the comp you want to enter, number of entries and answer the question. Go to checkout and complete payment and that is it.

Once the competition closes we issue everyone with their random numbers and post the drawsheets on our website for all to see. 

The live draw then takes place for everyone to watch and a winner is selected using a random number generator.

Take a look at our vidoes on our facebook page to see previous draws and how they work. 


"What are my ticket numbers?"

Once a competition closes we then export all entrants details and compile a draw sheet. All entrants are issued their numbers at random and these draw sheets are then added to the website which can be accessed by everyone prior to the draw taking place. We leave the draw sheets online for at least a week afterwards as well so people can still look and see what they had after the competition have ended. 


"When is my competition being drawn?"

Regular updates are made via email and on our social media platforms. Timers are added to comps and once a timer is set it is guaranteed to close at that time with no extensions.


"How Many Tickets Are left?"

On our competitions pages you will see a "clear" display of "XXXX tickets available", every time an entry is purchased this number will become lower until it reaches 0 or the number JD Comps are happy to draw the winner. Total tickets are also shown.


"That's some profit in that competition!"

Honestly we cannot tell how incredibly baffling it is that "anyone" would even say something like this, social media has opened the flood gates to all walks of life and unfortunately it seems certain people wish to question the actual foundation to running a business. And the clue is in the title "business", of course we have to make profit and of course we are offering a service/feature of our business that allows people the opportunity to decide for themselves if they wish to enter into a competition to win a prize based on value for money, affordability and of course the odds. JD Comps competitions have some of the greatest odds of winning as we try to keep cost of entry and number of entries low. 

For example:

£3.95 a ticket in a competition with only 200 entries means you have a 1:200 chance of winning, that's ONE in TWO HUNDRED chance to win, buy 2 tickets and you halve those odds to 1:100 and so on.

Now it seems some people think you just times the amount of tickets by the cost of them, so for example 200 x £3,95, they take away the cost of the prize from the total and this leaves a huge profit....no, no it absolutely does not!  And here's why.

For anyone thinking this is a great money making opportunity let us share some inside information for you as a genuine and open offer of experience, knowledge and...well, to explain how this works.

Costs to run competitions like this are:

  1. The prize itself (Often as of the time in writing this, we have in excess of £20,000 tied up in physical prizes that the business cannot use, these are just assets!)
  2. Running a website means you must hire professional services, maintenance costs, updating, security and such alike.
  3. Advertising fees for social media platforms, paid advertising campaigns, professional companies to create and manage them.
  4. Advertising design fees and professional services to create and publish them, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, etc.
  5. Payment gateway fees for website and every transaction incurrs a cost.
  6. Personal investment, time answering and communicating with customers, sourcing prizes, storing them, earning the money to pay for them...it goes on.
  7. Physical advertising, banners, posters, flyers.
  8. Attending events, fuel, staff, food and sometimes accommodation.
  9. Sponsorships, paying for your branding to be advertised on your sponsorship contracts.
  10. Insurance, premises, utility bills, mobile phone contracts.

This is an outline of the running costs of this kind of business like any business, it takes a huge amount of time, effort, money and emotional investment and is NOT as simple as buying something, posting it on Facebook and waiting for the money to come in. So next time someone decides to post such a comment online maybe you can also appreciate why we often choose to ignore the ignorance of people who just haven't a clue what they are talking about.


"Why Are you Doing This?"

True story, we actually get asked this and the simple answer is our business owner and founder of JD Comps, Rob Dixon, absolutely loves being able to hand over prizes that 99% of our winners either couldn't afford or they truly dream of owning and for a few pounds they have won something that can really be life changing. Life can be tough and buying something like a ten thousand pound motorcycle would cost serious monthly repayments, saving for many many years or selling your worldy posessions to be able to afford, so having some fun and entering a competition and giving people opportunity is a very humbling experience. So, in short, we do it because we love to!